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Happy, Healthy, Fun, YoU!

You’re here!

You’ve officially taken the first step in moving forward with your child’s super successful life of every day positive leadership. Kudos to you.
Let’s get started!

What is life coaching anyway?

So glad you asked! To put it simply …

Coaching focuses on the present and the future, on opportunities within experiences, and on achieving goals and visions that you have for yourself. Coaching is very action-oriented – we create solutions and we make things happen. We focus on the how and moving you forward … starting right this second!

Happy, Healthy, Fun, YoU! 

Do you have a high potential child who is ready to super lead themselves, their school, their friends, their family … their life?

Student council members, student government chair holders, team captains (sports and academic) … this program is made specifically for kiddos who have a desire to lead. It’s for kiddos who are passionate about leadership. Through our entire lives, there is always room for growth. This program takes kids’ specific strengths and values and builds on them. In doing this, they are able to create their ideal leader within themselves; the result is gaining the knowledge and skills to live a life of fulfilling their dreams.

During an 8 or 16-week program (you choose), I work with kids through specific content areas to help tweak their leadership skills, rock out the goal-setting and action-item-achieving process, and make success a constant in their lives!

Here are the focus areas for the Happy, Healthy, Fun, YoU! program:

  • Energy Education – Let’s Lead!
  • Vision Your Values
  • Mind Your ‘Me’ Mission
  • Strengths, Goals, Encouragement and Accountability
  • Challenge And Conquer Challenges
  • Elevate Emotional Expression
  • Communicate From Your Core
  • Level Up Listening
  • Party Through Public Speaking
  • Inspire Individuals
  • Power Off Problems
  • Power On Productivity
  • Connect with Classmates
  • Treat Your Body Like A Temple
  • Tame Down Time
  • Focus On Fun


What do I gain?

People often ask, “what do I really get out of coaching?” Well, in all honesty, you get a true connection with yourself. You’ll gain motivation, enthusiasm, independence, success, freedom, individuality, energy, inspiration, balance, confidence, increased overall health, happiness, a feeling of accomplishment, and the fun factor (which is key!). Not only that, but you can take the coaching tools and techniques that work for you and apply them to all the areas of your life (ya know, relationships, finances, school, work, all that fun stuff), not just the ones you and I focus on together. Coaching has a domino effect – it affects your whole being as well as all of the lives you touch day-in and day-out.

Coaching gives you exactly what you are looking for … results!

The Scoop!

I am a certified professional life coach. I work with individuals who are ready to increase their personal satisfaction within their daily life routines. Focusing my work with school-age kids (grades 5-12), I specialize in personal wellness and leadership coaching. Check out the coach tab above for more details!

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