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you are a product of your belief system —> truth

“We are each a product of our own belief system.” This is a one of the foundation principles taught to coaches who are trained with iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Read it over a few times to yourself … We are each a product of our own belief system….

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get a head start!

& now for the week of new year’s resolutions … (: What will yours be? Think about it. Lets get specific … 12 months from right NOW (aka January 1)… what do you want to have accomplished? Think of something that is achievable and reasonable for you, while at the…

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treat your body like a temple!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS WEEK!!! First of all (side note), I just learned that some of our family friends bake Jesus a birthday cake every December – I love this idea. Just thought I would share in case you want to start the tradition. (: I think it’s so cool! Anyways … Let’s start…

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send a thank you. via snail mail.

’tis the season for pretty lights, hot chocolate, holiday pj pants, and thank you notes. (: How often do you recieve snail mail these days? You know, like an actual letter or an actual card placed in your mailbox. Not a text. Not an email. Not a phone call or…

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get something done … right this second … you … go (oh & have fun, too!)

HOLIDAYS!!! The most busy time of the year is here. (: How many to-do lists do you have right now? How many Christmas lists? How many gifts to wrap? How many decorations to put up? How many meals to make? How many people to see? How much fun to have?…

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welcome back! disconnect from social media –> your turn. :)

Well hello there! Welcome back to real life (just for a few weeks before holiday #2 outta three hits for the season [; ). How was your Thanksgiving? Fabulous? Great. (: Guess what? Perhaps you noticed … but … I did not blog last week! Last week was the first week since…

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1 thing, 1 person, 1 characteristic

Happy week before Thanksgiving. (: Give me 5 minutes (rather, give yoUrself 5 minutes) … Let’s do an activity! Get a pencil (or a glitter pen), and a piece of paper. Write the following: 1) One thing that I am thankful for is __________ because __________. 2) One person who I…

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How do you direct your life?

Direct your life. This is one of the “10 high potential concepts” that I have learned to love to live by since I began my coach training. Repeat it to yourself. Consider how, exactly, you do direct your life. Who are the main characters in your life? What do you…

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focus on your fun*

Monday. Cold. Snow. Getting dark early. BAH! This time of year tends to serve both sides of the attitude spectrum: 1) HOLIDAY TIME! EXCITING! 2) See above. Meh. Although holiday time (once it gets here) is usually all kinds of exciting and fun, the preparation of it all and the…

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public speaking. rock it.

Public speaking.This week I’m talking with my 5th graders about public speaking and presentations. So, why don’t we talk about it as well?! Every single person can benefit from a little chit chat about public speaking skills. If anything, it helps to increase your awareness of how you show up…

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