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It’s such a blessing to work with such wonderful and passionate individuals. Their kind remarks drive me to keep living my dream. 

“Miss Kelby has a special personality that enables her to connect with children of all ages. I feel so lucky that my daughter has had the opportunity to meet with her. Our daughter went from being miserable at school one year to loving it the next. I know that many factors contributed to her growing success in school, but Miss Kelby’s sessions were definitely an important part contributing to that success.”

–Heather M., Parent of 5th Grade Student; Indianapolis, IN

“As a teacher, I often feel like I am doing so much to work with the kids who are behind, that the really organized, motivated students don’t get the attention they deserve.  I have LOVED having Kelby work with my students who deserve that extra push in school. She makes them feel as though they are special and important.  The students I send to work with her have the qualities needed to be great leaders someday.  They just need to polish those qualities and understand how they can be applied in school.  I have seen the positive effect Kelby has on these children and I am very grateful to her!  We need to continue to encourage our children to be leaders that make their own decisions, not followers.”

–5th grade teacher; Indianapolis, IN

“Thanks again for offering the 2 leadership groups this year. My eight students enjoyed going each week and I know other students wished they could have had the same opportunity. Kids like being recognized, especially for something positive, so I know they liked being singled out as leaders. I heard from one parent who truly appreciated her daughter being involved with this type of learning activity at school. Way to go!”

–5th grade teacher; Indianapolis, IN

“Students who participated in Ms. Geiger’s leadership group were able to utilize their skills in the classroom and other settings. They demonstrated and created positive energy when working with peers. One student commented that she started using positive energy with her younger brother, and it was working!”

–5th grade teacher; Indianapolis, IN

“The leadership group was great because I learned a lot about how to handle my actions and emotions. I learned how to handle time and also how to rank myself with leadership qualities. After this group, I know I am a way better goal setter.”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“I like this group. Everyone should have the opportunity to do it. When I was in it I learned more about myself, and how to build my confidence. I like that Miss Kelby teaches us new things every week on how to lead ourselves and others around us. I am so glad that I had this opportunity. This is awesome!”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“Meeting with Miss Kelby in our leadership group is very beneficial. It teaches me values and methods that help to make me a better person. Also, this group helps me learn more about myself and my actions. Meeting in my group helps me so that I can make a positive and helpful difference in the world. Leadership group is AWESOME!”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“I think this group is a great idea and a great thing to do! I’m constantly learning new things every week that are great ideas and tips on how to become a better leader. Miss Kelby inspires me to be a better person and a better leader with her go-do-it attitude and positive encouragement. I enjoy putting new ideas into action, and going out there to be a better person and make a change in this world. Leadership group is a great idea and a great experience that really changes who you are as a person and how you view the world. Leadership group is a great idea, a great group, and a great experience led by an amazing person. This is something no one should miss out on!”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“I think the leadership group is very helpful. We get the chance to talk about different types of leadership and goal setting. Doing this group helps me get past stressful times in my life. I will think about the different things that we talk about and get through it. In this group, we also talk about things that happen in our life and how to get over them in a positive way, and ways to be a better person and more positive in your life.”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“Miss Kelby is super awesome and so is her group. In group, we learn about how to be a positive leader. We also learn about anabolic and catabolic energy. I also like learning about my friends. Miss Kelby also sets goals with us and we talk about how we can accomplish our goals. I always have fun in group.”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“I like group because it teaches me how to be a skillful leader. I also like it because in the morning it gets me ready for a fun day of learning! Group has impressed my teacher and my fellow classmates. My leadership group has taught me to be a skillful leader and have a good attitude!”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“I like this program because it gest stress off my mind. It also keeps how I feel great. It also helped me become a great leader. When I come to leadership group, I learn a lot about how to act and handle time and my emotions.”

–5th grade student; Indianapolis, IN

“In the past, I have struggled maintaining motivation. I would find myself on a high one week only to slowly dwindle away the next. This roller coaster of emotions made me feel as if I couldn’t do anything right to ultimately live my life to the fullest. Kelby has been an inspiration to me. She has helped me organize my priorities and determine what is truly important to me at this point in time. Life is a whirlwind of ups and downs. Although exhausting, Kelby has provided me with tips and tricks to putting life into perspective, by doing what is best for me!”

–Emily H., Butler University; Indianapolis, IN

“Kelby was a delight to work with.  Her ability to listen and guide me through my thoughts allowed me to define my goals, ideas and conquer my internal barriers that were getting in my way.  Her authentic kindness and genuine demeanor continued to support my goals and define accountability to which has created my path of continued success.”

–Cathy Penrod; Gilberts, IL

“Life coaching with Kelby has been a great experience. She has helped me discover what I really want in various areas of my life. She is insightful and draws out my ideas and ambitions. Kelby has also helped me to release some older ideas that held me back, to include looking at older goals that did not reflect the things that I truly wanted. I have more energy now to focus on what I really desire and feel motivated to make it happen. Her encouragement and her listening skills have meant a lot to me and she has helped me to take the steps to keep moving in the right direction!”

–T. O.; Indianapolis, IN

“Kelby’s positive energy and insightful feedback helps her clients have breakthroughs they might not have known were possible. She really helps you take the steps that have blocked your progress, and even makes it fun!”

–Ann Kinkade, Lucid Legacy Consulting; Madison, WI

“Kelby is energetic, authentic and most of all, easy to work with and talk to. She has the uncanny ability to know the right question to move me forward and motivates me to take action.   She helps me get organized when I feel discombobulated and can be my cheerleader when I need one.  I can count on her to always be my truest supporter. She gives me the freedom to keep moving forward to explore my dreams and challenges me to make them a reality.  How can I say it … I think she is the BEST!”

–Stephen Hamilton, PhD; Dayton, OH

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Kelby. She is a great listener and she hears deeply when you speak. She also has great intuition and insight. In addition, Kelby is very professional, has great energy and is a very good coach. I feel lucky to have her in my life.”

–Susan Bowen; Lodi, WI

“Kelby worked with me on overcoming a challenge I had struggled with repeatedly over the last three years. She helped me tie into emotional reasons to change my behavior and was a gentle, encouraging coach with each week’s report. Kelby is wise beyond her years. She has a nurturing personality which is comforting when things did not go as planned. Her sincere belief in me as a person motivated me to create a permanent change in my life. She is a sensitive coach with a toolbox full of powerful tools, principles and skills.”

–Errol McLendon, MediCoach; Chicago, IL