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for schools

I have worked as a behavior coach at Amy Beverland Elementary School (Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township) for 3 years. I am incredibly passionate about working in the school setting!

I would adore the opportunity to work with students in your school. I can come in to facilitate after-school programs, be a guest speaker at a team event, or facilitate leadership workshops/seminars for groups of students.

When working in schools, on a temporary basis, I ask the administration to choose which content they would like me to focus on with their students. My program curriculum is to the right (–>), which lists the topics you can choose from.

Happy Healthy, Fun, YoU! –> Curriculum

  • Energy Education – Let’s Lead!
  • Vision Your Values
  • Mind Your ‘Me’ Mission
  • Strengths, Goals, Encouragement and Accountability
  • Challenge And Conquer Challenges
  • Elevate Emotional Expression
  • Communicate From Your Core
  • Level Up Listening
  • Party Through Public Speaking
  • Inspire Individuals
  • Power Off Problems
  • Power On Productivity
  • Connect with Coworkers/Classmates
  • Treat Your Body Like A Temple
  • Tame Down Time
  • Focus On Fun

Please contact me directly if interested in utilizing this program (or parts of this program) within your school. The let’s get started page of my website is tailored more specifically for my work with kiddos outside of the school setting. Email me or call me – I truly can’t wait to hear from you!

Note:  I’ve implemented this program with small groups of students in both the fifth and sixth grades – both teachers and the kids themselves have found the material to be incredibly beneficial … and fun! See my raves page under the details tab above for reviews!